Apr 22

Going To College Invest In Wisdom

I was reading through Proverbs, looking for some direct instruction about finances, and I stumbled upon something very interesting. Read these scripture verses, and see if you notice a theme:

Blessed is the man who finds wisdom,
the man who gains understanding,
for she is more profitable than silver
and yields better returns than gold. (Proverbs 3:13-14)

Choose my instruction instead of silver,
knowledge rather than choice gold (Proverbs 8:10)

How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose
understanding rather than silver! (Proverbs 16:16)

Now I might be a bit slower than your average bear, but it seems to me that the Lord is saying that wisdom is more important than gold or silver. Wisdom is worthy of searching for and pursuing. Wisdom and knowledge are worth the effort, and worth all the hard work. It is more important than investing in gold – AND it will get you a better annual average rate of return!

For some families, these verses may help them as they consider the cost of college. College is worth the effort. College may be worth the investment. Nobody knows your family, your finances, and your child’s future income better than you. With all those factors in mind, it may be worth taking a college loan – particularly since it has better dividends than gold and silver (which are doing pretty well right now, what with the government printing money like crazy, LOL!)

I say this with some trepidation, however, because the Bible also has a LOT to say about debt (none of it good). This is DEFINITELY something you should pray about and consider carefully.

One of my friends was talking to me about college debt, and how much debt was OK. From a secular perspective, you want to look at some specific statistics. Look up the statistics for one

Apr 21

Hcmi Hotel Management Degree Programs Is Key Of Success In Hospitality Sector

There are many colleges in India that offers a jobs oriented programs but some of one give this facilities, HCMI Hospitality management courses India always been true that students shall flock that offers job oriented courses. Institute Hotel management degree programs mission is to Excel in education by creating an environment that creates an ethic services. The institute aims is to develop professional competences through technical skills, research and development for the benefit of the students, faculty and other stake holders in the hospitality and tourism industry. The institute is well equipped with all the modern facilities. A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed to impart knowledge and skills to the students in various departments of the college.

Students who take admissions in HCMI institutes can learn various aspects during the Hospitality management courses India as like the dietetics, hotel management, food and beverage servicing bartending, etc. These courses are offered under the degrees, diplomas and certificate programs by the HCMI where students learn then train themselves in the institutes itself or can do an intern program in some of the reputed hotels in the country.

HCMI master level
hotel management degree programs may include areas of entrepreneurship, marketing management, information system, operations management and investment. Courses provide skills and knowledge for upper-level positions in areas of the industry that individual students find most appropriate to their career interests. During the hotels management degree programs hospitality management positions many be found in large and small hotels, motels, and restaurants.

Today hotel industry has gained a considerable popularity as a career, earlier, most hotel managers were people who had learnt their skills on the job, and opportunities also were few. The tourism boom opened out many avenues, in hotels, resorts, time share organizations, tour operators, and guest houses.

Apr 19

Online College Degree Programs

If you want to complete your educational plans via online education then you must be aware of the best online colleges. Online education will help you to gain graduation that is required to enhance your career but it is very important to enroll in a recognized online school or college. It will give you accredited degree, which is important to get a job. There are many online colleges that facilitate you to enhance your degrees. Kaplan University, Ashford University and University of Phoenix are three online college degree programs, which are included in top ten online degree programs.

Kaplan University provides the finest programs of online college degree that every student is in search of. They offer programs of Associates, Bachelors and Masters online degree. There are programs for regular students at the same time they have programs for part-time students too. There are no restrictions with the timetable; you can do it on your convenient timetable. University is associated with the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. It is accredited by Higher Learning Commission. Ashford University offers same online college degree programs that Kaplan University offers; but it is popular for offering programs with excellent quality at reasonable price. Along with an excellent quality of online college degree programs, it helps students to improve their skills, which are essential to build up successful career. Selecting correct online college degree program is one of the most important decisions, which may change your professional life completely. University of Phoenix is one more college that offers the finest online college degree programs. Along with the programs that are offered by other two colleges, Phoenix offers one more online college degree program, Doctorate degree. This university is more concentrated on the requirements of students, who are interested in lower as well as

Apr 18

Top Private College in India and Abroad

Getting placed in banks has been a dream of millions of aspirants for years. Even the prospects of jobs in banks have increased many folds as a result of extensive growth of both public and private sector banks in different cities and rural areas. Mass retirement of banking personnel is also gaining momentum now. As a result, the number of banking positions to be filled in the coming years will be in lacs, providing plenty of opportunities to the aspirants. IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) and SBI are the key players in the banking personnel selection. IBPS has also achieved the expertise of implementing the online test process efficiently and effectively. Also the results of these tests are available in a very short span of time. Now it is up to the candidates to prepare in the best manner and present themselves as right fit for the job. Along with sound knowledge, both the PO and clerk examinations require a fine pace and time management in solving the questions. Preparing well for these examinations does not always require coaching. There are many aspirants who already work somewhere and can not devote time for coaching classes. But this is not at all a matter to lose hope. For a person who is sincere enough, even a self but focused preparation can work wonders. The only advantage of coaching classes is that they provide you a stimulated environment. Thanks to technology. Now we have the facility of bank PO test preparation online. On internet, we may find a lot many websites that provide complete study material, previous year question papers, and various online tests for preparation. www.decidecollege.com is a very handy approach to acquire all information and solve all queries regarding education, educational institutes, and a variety of courses to give

Apr 16

Big Sandy Community and Technical College

With its headquarters located in Prestonsburg in Kentucky , United States , Big Sandy Community and Technical College is one of sixteen 2-year open admission colleges under the Kentucky Community and Technical College System or KCTCS. Its primary service area includes Floyd, Johnson, Martin, Magoffin, and Pike Counties .

Campus Features

Created in the year 2003 in result of consolidation of two colleges namely, the Prestonsburg Community College and the Mayo Technical College, BSCTC has as many as four campus locations. These are Prestonsburg, Mayo in Paintsville, Pikeville, and the Hager Hill campuses. College management have plan to open Midway College School of Pharmacy in May Campus in Paintsville by 2011. BSCTC has many feeder schools. Johnson, Pike, Shelby Valley , Phelps, and Allen are the top five among them.

Brief History

In the year 2003 the college was established with the basic objective of preparing the students for transfer to the four year colleges in Kentucky or for immediate entrance. With student strength of over 4000 and imparting education in 40 programs at four campuses, it figures prominently in college directory of Kentucky State and United States .


Big Sandy Community and Technical College is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools or SACS.

Programs Offered

Over 40 different programs are offered by the technical college for its students. Most of the programs are affordable and also provides flexibility and options including the facilities of distance learning using online education . Students can earn any of over 75 credentials offered by the college basing on their requirements and budget. Its associate degrees work as the stepping stone for migrating to higher degrees in colleges and universities. In addition the college offers both full time and part time courses basing on the needs of the students. For further details one can log on to the Academics

Apr 15

Online Degree – A Very Successful Trend Of Education People

Fast online degrees is the future of education with growing computer technology, making it possible for people to continue learning at home through a virtual classroom. For interested students, there are many things to understand before you sign up for this type of program. Online degree provides a number of alternatives for professionals who wish to obtain additional education from affecting their work. Ratings for online degree courses and programs are based on a variety of topics, including the type of courses, number of students who graduate program, and the success of past graduates.

The online degree courses are the most popular among students. It offers a variety of courses for students and professionals. Some of the popular online bachelor’s degree is business management, Arts and Humanities, Computers and IT, Science and Technology, and Social Sciences. Online degree courses are in great demand as the demand for computer literacy has increased along with the booming Internet market. There are many online computer degrees from various colleges and universities, but to find the right can be tricky.

Online education has become a style and popular channel for many students and working adults to earn their degree. Online education creates a flexible and convenient environment for students to earn their degree while maintaining their preferred life style. Online degree in India provides online several universities and colleges. Student can receive any degree online education from any remote location. Online high schools and cheap online schools offer several courses that are required of students and professionals. There MBA colleges, Correspondence MBA in India offer several educational institutions for students and working people. Now days, online degree in India has an important role in education, online universities and colleges offer a wide range of training programs within the earnings online degree in India, which

Apr 11

Find The Best Engineering College in India

Just like you have to go to med college to become a doctor and law school becoming a lawyer, you have to do engineering college in india to become an engineer. It is known as a professional hazard if you like; you don’t have much of an alternative in the matter. Anyone greater than you has got to endorse the papers that are eligible you to develop things that other people are going to utilize.

If you are thinking Top engineering college is a walk in the park, you better think again. These engineering colleges take up a long period of your life to turn you right into a calculating machine. It is by no means a joke getting through them. You might like to begin working out your strategy already. I assure you, if you don’t give it what must be done, you won’t get what you want from it, which is your engineering degree.

You need to identify what sort of engineering you want to do long before you get to decide on an engineering school. You do not want to be making that selection right at the place once the decision is upon you. That may mix up things just a little, and you don’t want that.

Whatever form of engineering you are interested in doing, you can be a pro at it after you have been through engineering school. By the time you have been grilled and passed through the mill, you come out hardened and uncompromising. And when you work on anything engineering, you perform that much better. It is a fact you can bet on.

The care of the atmosphere is not only biology or science, it also consists of engineering. That is why you will find environmental engineers who make developing the environment

Apr 10

Must Have Latest Gadgets For College Kids

In recent years, college life is much easier than before with the help of the rapid development of the latest gadgets. Almost every college kid is so lucky that can access to some must have latest gadgets which are popular among them. Computers, mobile phones, Mp3 players and other latest gadgets are all their necessary gadgets for the college life. Most of college kids play with the cool gadgets all the day long. However, they are really helpful for their study if they can make best use of the latest gadgets correctly. The following are some must have latest gadgets for college with the survey from one study center.


Some college students can not live without a laptop. Most of the college students take notes with laptop, which is easy to saved, reviewed and adjusted later before exam. This can also save lots of time to write down with paper and print. The notes on the paper will be lost in the case of losing or being dirty. Most of the laptops are not expensive nowadays that can be bought with payment way of installment by themselves, which make laptops are much more accessible for college students.


It is the common gadget for college kid in daily life. College life is relaxed than high school for most of the time is not fixed, which can be organized by students themselves. The correct use of the setup in the smart phones can make the college kids life much more organized. The phone will remind students to return the books, to have the selected courses, to hand in papers and all the masks in time. The latest gadgets smart phones are so accessible that connects with the internet anywhere. It is the easiest way to keep in touch with their friends

Apr 09

Online Textbook Rental – Easiest and Affordable Way of Getting College Textbooks

Online textbook rental services are becoming increasingly popular among college and university students. In last few years, the trend of renting college textbooks from online book rental stores has gained momentum. The several benefits offered by this innovative online service are attracting more students to use them. Online textbook rental services have evolved as the easiest and most affordable way of getting college textbooks.

Textbooks are the most important thing for all students. They are equally important for school, college and university students. In order to complete the syllabus, clear the concepts and prepare for the exams, students need textbooks. It is also necessary for their professional growth. Depending upon library for textbooks is not advisable as it is subject to availability. So, students are left with the only option of purchasing them.

The costs of purchasing textbooks in last few years have increased a lot. Textbooks for school students are still not too expensive, but if we talk about college and university textbooks for specific subjects, they are highly priced. Some of the subject reference books for professional courses are expensive enough to eat the whole months of student’s budget. So, they always look for a better and affordable alternative of getting books.

The best alternative of purchasing expensive books is renting them from online book rental stores. There are many online book stores offering rental services to college and university students. The online textbook rental service provides following benefits: 1.Availability of all textbooks 2.Easy book ordering process 3.Affordable book rental costs 4.Doorstep delivery of ordered books 5.Free book return facility 6.Environment friendly option

The ease of finding any book and the simple process of ordering makes it a clutter free experience to order semester textbooks. Reputable book rental stores offer affordable shipping of

Apr 08

To Earn a College Education Is It Worth It

Why you should earn a college degree? The main reason you want to get an education is to live a good life. To live a good life, you must be able to make enough money so you will be able pay all of your bills and keep your head above water. Any education beyond high school is recommended. Whatever level of education that you can attain, you owe it to yourself to pursue it and achieve it. Whether it is a one-year certificate program, 2-year college degree, 4-year college degree or advance degrees, you must pursue your education beyond high school to live a good life. In the United States, this is possible for the majority of the population and the only ingredient missing is the ambition. Other reasons why you may want to earn a college education are as follows: chances to expand your knowledge of self and the world, better your earning potential, chances to meet new and different people, follow in your parent’s footsteps and you may want to better your lot in life.

Is it worth it to earn a college degree in today’s economy? Yes. It is always a benefit to you to get as much education as possible because it does not only benefit you but it always benefits your children and the generations to come. No matter what the economy does, your chances of employment are always better than someone with only a high school diploma. The more you increase your earning power, the better you are going to live. The more you earn during your career, the more money you are going to have for your retirement. To earn a college education is the best thing that you can do for yourself and your future generations.

Can a college degree get you

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