Butterly sex position

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Another variation on the standard Missionary, the Butterfly sex position is easy to do yet very satisfying for both male and female partners. The Butterfly is a much easier version of the Bridge. However, instead of arching her back up off the floor, the female partner will support herself on a flat surface that is raised.

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No one "kind" of sex isn't better than any other. Sometimes it can be fun to lie in bed for hours with your partner, enjoying an ultra-slow build from foreplay to intercourse. Other times, when you're in a hurry, you might find yourself wondering: What are the best positions for quickie sex?

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The butterfly is one of those positions that comes so naturally during the kind of all-out night of frolicking that leaves glass on the floor and furniture broken. But it's also worth remembering for afternoons of long and leisurely love-making. So, she's standing in the flimsiest dress in front of you, peeking through her mane of sun-bleached hair.

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The key to taking flight is lining up correctly with your lover. First, find a place where you can lie down and he can stand in front of you. The catch: It's got to be somewhere that puts your pelvis a foot lower than his-maybe your bed if it's a high one or a desk, counter, or even the hood of a car.

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In a more comfortable spin on Butterfly, the Planted variation brings the woman's feet back to the ground. Offering women a little more mobility, and much better access to clitoral stimulation, it can be a relaxing way to enjoy any part of the day. However, the relaxed tilt of her pelvis will require a higher altitude to maintain the g-spot stimulation found in the standard variation, and less flexible couples may find it a little more difficult to reach max depth.

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Want to make a woman orgasm during sex… in minutes? The Butterfly sex position makes it easy. The Butterfly Sex Position is perfect for the edge of the bed, couch, or just about any edge for that matter.

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If you are very close with your male partner and enjoy watching yourself from the side, then this position is sure to become one of the most favorite both for you and for your male partner. The man stands straight. Perhaps the position is not very comfortable, but standing in front of a mirror you will appreciate all the beauty and merits of your woman.

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The missionary position or man-on-top position is a sex position in which, generally, a woman lies on her back and a man lies on top of her while they face each other and engage in vaginal intercourse. The missionary position is the most common sexual position for couples, but is not regarded as the most favoured one. The missionary position is often preferred by couples who enjoy the romantic aspects of ample skin-to-skin contact and opportunities to look into each other's eyes and kiss and caress each other.

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The Butterfly position is great whether you are in bed or on a table. The image below gives an excellent outline on how to perform the Butterfly. There are a few really important things to keep in mind, though, to make sure you get the most out of this position.

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The butterfly is an advanced sexual position in which a woman lies on a low table, ottoman, or bed and lifts her legs onto her partner's shoulders. He then supports her hips to allow for proper positioning. The butterfly is a great position to try if you're looking to liven up your sex life or just fancy trying sex in a different room!


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